Have you ever visited Hug Point on a day so clear that you could see Haystack Rock from the point? Have you ever been there when the tide was so far out that the beach seemed to stretch hundreds of feet to the waterline? That’s what it was like last weekend, and it was glorious. We had a great time wandering up and down the beach, poking around in the many caves, enjoying the blue sky, and marveling at the twisted little trees that so remind us of days with less agreeable weather, days when the wind whips every living thing into a crouch. We like to go there when the weather is foul, too, when the water crashes up to the rocks, leaving no sandy beach at all. There will be plenty of days like those in the future. On those days, as we button our overcoats tight, we’ll remember how it was on September 15, hardly the same place at all. ImageImageImageImageImage