I will conclude our little tour of the neighborhood gardens with this zinnia parade. These beautiful flowers cheer me, for months on end. They are so long-lived, so beautiful and inspirational, seems like they’ve been going strong since July. Perhaps I will work out my own crochet pattern and add some zinnias to my mom’s gift.
I sometimes feel a sense of dread in early November, thinking the sky is about to go flat gray and the color is going to drain away from my world, and the rain will come and never ever stop. But I still see color all around, and the best of November is yet to come. There are the November birthdays to celebrate, along with Thanksgiving. Of course I can’t post any gift plans for GG because she kindly follows my blog, dear girl, so I must maintain a little mystery about what else might be coming out of this color factory.
Show me a peek of the color in your world today?