GG and I took one last trip out to the coast before 2013’s end, and on our way home we came upon this valley filled with fog. We had to stop and look, and let it fill us up. 2013 was good to us, with many peaceful moments, the magic of the natural world around us, and quiet times together in our cozy home. I look forward to a new year but this time around, I do feel wistful about letting go of the old one. 


Luckily New Year’s day had this sunset in store for me, so I didn’t have to look any farther than the view from home, out my favorite windows, to see that the wonders of the natural world will continue on in 2014.


There was fog in my own neighborhood, too, this week. Image

Time for projects: I made ocean-inspired buttons. 


Tiny beach house buttons. Image

The ones with red roofs look like gnome houses to me. Image

And I made some pendants.ImageImageImageImage

and a bunch of charms and pendants all mixed together. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Then I baked Kolaches, which take me back to my childhood. Growing up in Crete, Nebraska, they were widely available so we didn’t make them at home much, but I don’t think there’s any way to get one here in Portland, Oregon except to bake them yourself, so now I make my own.  I sent some over to the neighbors, who brought us a delicious assortment of their homemade European tea cakes on Christmas. Image

The cream cheese filling isn’t traditional, but it’s my favorite. Image

The cherry one in the middle is much more traditional. The lemon ones were the messiest- no need for a photo of those little lemon bombs- but very delicious. Image

I added a jump ring to one of my little house pendants and put it on a length of cord. It’s going to a friend in Melbourne, Australia who used to eat kolaches with me when we were girls. ImageImage

Then I sat back to watch the show outside my window, where GG and I just hung a couple of new bird feeders. So far the squirrels have been far more interested than the birds. 


We had a good laugh watching this one contort herself into funny positions to reach the suet, until finally she jumped over to the suet cage and hung from the bottom until she’d eaten her fill. ImageImage

So far, 2014 has been a treat. GG goes back to school tomorrow, and I have work of course, so our life won’t feel this carefree in the morning, but I hope there will still be odd moments this week for more tea and squirrel watching- even if it’s done with textbooks and projects on our laps. 

I also hope there will be time in your world to enjoy a few moments watching something wonderful, or making something fun, or loving someone precious. Cheers!