happy near water

You don’t know me? That’s okay, it doesn’t take long to see what I’m about. I love my daughter, and being a mom. I love babies, soft things, tiny things, flowers, oceans, color.  I like to make things. I’m a nurse. Sometimes I like to cook, sometimes I hate it but I have to do it anyway so I try to inspire myself with new recipes. I always love to bake. Dessert is my favorite. I do best if I take a little tea-time break around 4 pm daily, and if I find my way out of the city on a regular basis. I try to keep my sense of wonder alive. I still like show-and-tell. And I like to have a record of where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and what I’m thinking.

My blog name comes from my childhood. I always paid a lot of attention to the night sky. While other people talked about The Man In The Moon, I would look hard at the moon and see a rabbit instead, quite clearly. I thought I was the only one who saw the rabbit in the moon, because when I pointed it out to other people they gave me funny looks and shook their heads. I figured out as a kid that I didn’t see what I was “supposed” to see, but what I did see was precious to me. I loved my moonrabbit and made up private stories about her. I started writing the name “moonrabbit press” on the back of my handmade cards and mini-books when I was about seven. As an adult I’ve found that the rabbit in the moon has been mentioned in many cultures over time, and it makes me feel less alone to know there are other people on this earth who see the rabbit too. When it came time to name my blog, I wanted something that brought back that feeling of connection to the natural world, and the excitement of creativity I felt when I made those childhood cards and books. moonrabbit was taken, so I added a little wisdom by way of an owl.

My everyday name is Val Stricklin and I currently live in Portland, Oregon. I can’t see enough stars from here, but it’s still a good place to seek out the simple joys of observing and creating.