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Portrait of My Mother – Knitting. (Portret van mijn moeder) by Hofmeester

Here’s a beautiful short video about one woman and her knitting. She has continued to knit even after her eyesight has failed, and knitting calms and comforts her. 


20140107_080931 20140107_081000 20140107_081631 20140107_081931 20140107_081951Milk Cardigan and Cabled Milk Hat

I’ve packed up a little box of baby items to mail to my childhood friend who now lives in Australia, and has a new baby. The sweater and hat were finished some time ago, except for the buttons, which I just stitched on yesterday. I made the “hunny bunny” before the winter holidays. Pulling it together into a package took me a bit, but since it’s currently summer weather in Australia, and the sweater is around a 6-9 month size or maybe a bit bigger, it should be there in plenty of time for Australian winter.

Knitted Snow People

Here’s a cute bunch of snow people to brighten your December. 

Fair Isle Sweater

This is my first Fair Isle project, a work in progress.

Look what our friends over at Happy Knits are up to. For those of you who are disappointed that our clinic knitting circle can no longer meet at the clinic on Tuesday nights, consider joining the sweater knit along. And for anyone touched by cancer, there’s a Thursday group. Both are free to participate, and the folks at this local yarn shop are super friendly, so don’t be shy!